About Rhea

Hello! My name is Rhea.  I'm the youngest of six in my family, a wife, an aunt of 14, great-aunt of 1, but most importantly, I'm a follower of God.  I started this blog to share my everyday experiences of God's abundant goodness.  Sometimes that's through food, or traveling, but mostly it's the small moments in life that makes me smile.  

I am a physical therapist assistant, a personal trainer, and ergonomic assessment specialist.  In 2010, after my father passed  away, I longed to find greater fulfillment in my life.  So with the help of God and my husband, Mike, I've been able to go from working full-time to part-time.  This has allowed me to spend time volunteering at a local food bank and at our church.   

Mike and I were married in 2009 in St Louis, MO and that's where we currently reside.  We have two "girls"; my gray kitty, Ashley, is 21 years old** and his gal, Curtsie, is 20**!  


Food Philosophy

Mike and I enjoy cooking and of course eating food.  For me, a meal is not only a nutritional component to life, but an artistic expression.  I get excited anticipating the beauty of the plate presentation, the aromas, the taste bud explosions, but the best part of dining is sharing that experience with people I love.  Dining really is an all senses symphony, but that doesn't mean it has to be elaborate or stuffy.  Some of the best cooking I've ever tasted was in Positano, Italy where there is a saying, " Non piu di cinque" or "no more than 5" ingredients in a dish. I would love to say that I am an expert home chef producing masterpiece dinners, but realistically I know my culinary skills have room to grow.  I try to keep cooking simple and use fresh ingredients when possible. 

Mike and I strive to support local farmers.  The quality of food can definitely be tasted when the time from farm to plate is reduced and when food is picked at the peak of season.  When winter months hit St Louis and the farmer's markets are not in operation, we purchase as much organic items as possible.   We aim to get the most delicious product on our plates.

Contents on Food and Gladness blog

All of the blog writings and photographs are rendered by me, Rhea, unless otherwise noted*.  Please do not use or copy images on this blog with gaining permission.  Any mention of specific products are because I actually use them and would recommend them, I am not getting compensation.  Blogging still feels new to me, but hope it will be like a fine wine and improve with age.  Thank you so much for taking time to read Food and Gladness!


* My wedding picture above was taken by Mitch Bowen in St. Louis.  You can find him at http://mjb-digital.blogspot.com

** My sweet baby girl, Ashley, passed on 3/12/14, and Mike's girl Curtsie passed on 6/10/15.