God loves bling!

This will be the beginning of my 10th year reading the bible cover to cover.  I can find it difficult  to get through the lengthy lists of names and very specific rules covered in Exodus and Leviticus, but sprinkled throughout are gems.  In this case, literal gems!  In Exodus 39:8-21 God gives the exact details in making a Priest's breastplate.  It was to include 12 different gems, one for each son of Israel (Jacob).  I wasn't familiar with all the gems, so I did some research and found pictures of each.  Hope you enjoy God's dazzling handiwork!

1st row- carnelian, chrysolite, beryl

2nd row- turquoise, lapis lazuli, emerald

3rd row-jacinth, agate, amethyst; 4th row- topaz, onyx, jasper