God looks after the poor

In my daily reading for today, I read Deuteronomy 15.  I find it so heartening that God would bring it to the people's attention that since He gave them so many possessions, they in turn should look after the needs of those around them.  I know that in this time of recession it is easy to want to hold onto everything that you have, but God has a challenge for us..."Do not harden your heart or close your hand to the poor." (Deut 15:7)  And what will happen if we do this?  "God will bless you in all your actions and in all your undertakings." (Deut. 15:10)   Wow, how amazing!  God gives us what we need, we share that with others, and God will bless us even more.   Please leave a comment on how you have shared God's goodness with others.