Power Protein Sandwich

After I workout I crave protein.   It seems like the more I workout, the more I want to eat!  This is one of my favorite quick and easy snacks which is healthy too!  Only six ingredients, but they pack a mighty nutritional punch.  Here's the nutritional low-down:  

  • Dark leafy spinach is loaded with Vitamin K & A, manganese, folate, iron, and fiber.  Spinach is an antioxidant which fights cancer and improve heart health.  One cup of spinach is only 7 calories.  
  • Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is another type of antioxidant.  This one helps protect the body against skin cancer.  Tomatoes also contain Vitamin A, C, and B which fight off infections and boost energy levels.   An average sized tomato (100 grams) is only 20 calories.
  • Eggs contain protein and vitamin D which promotes muscle strength and brain function.  One large egg is 70 calories.
  • Low-sodium ham is high in protein and is about 30 calories per slice.   
  • Whole wheat deli rounds are filled with insoluble fiber and whole grains.  This keeps your tummy full and aids in digestion.  Whole wheat are heart friendly as well.  My deli round is only 100 calories.
  • Say cheese!  I placed a half slice of colby-jack on my sandwich, which is about 50 calories and provides around 10% of my daily recommended allowance of calcium.  Be aware of the high sodium count in this cheese, choose low sodium when possible.



  • One large organic egg (shell washed prior to picture above)
  • Handful of organic spinach (about 1/8 cup); washed & pat dry
  • Organic tomatoes; I had cherry tomatoes in the house, any variety is fine
  • Low sodium ham- 1 slice
  • Half slice of cheese
  • Whole grain deli round or bread
  • Pepper, thyme


  • Spray non-stick pan with cooking oil, place on medium heat
  • Cook egg over easy
  • Flip egg, sprinkle with pepper and thyme.  Layer with tomato, cheese, spinach, and ham.  Flip & cook about 1 minute
  • Toast deli round and use spatula to place egg onto deli round

Here to healthy eating and healthy living!  Let me know what your favorite pre- or post- exercise food is.