God wants to spend time with you!

You may think of a children's group when you hear the term 'Sunday School', but in my church these are classes designed for all ages in which each group studies something from the Bible or a Christian text.  The class I'm attending is beginning a new topic of 'Prayer Life'.  The instructor posed four questions, one of which asked, "What is the biggest hindrance to having quality prayer time with God?"  For me, the answer is myself.  I find other things that are more comfortable or seemingly more important to do like sleeping, watching TV, blogging, work... you get the idea.  I say God is the most important thing in my life, which I mean, but my actions don't always align with this statement.

Deep down I desire to spend time with God and to know Him more, but some days it's harder than others.  My Sunday School instructor compared prayer life with God to talking to someone you just met.  You'll have periods of awkward silence, brief superficial conversations, and at times your mind wanders, but the more you get to know that person, a greater friendship will develop and deeper conversations will ensue.  That analogy really helped me.  I look forward to that stage of prayer life, in which I spend quality time with God and have deep talks with Him.  

Some of the best prayer guides can be found in Psalms.  I have prayed these verses many times.  Here's a couple that I will be focusing on while developing my prayer life.

"Adoration I offer to you, my God. Direct me in your ways, and teach me your paths.  Encourage me to walk in your truth and teach me since you are the God who save me." Psalm 25:1,4,5  

"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, my Rock and Redeemer."  Psalm 19:14


Share with me how you carve out time in your busy life for a prayer life with God