Kitchen Renovation- Day 1

Did I hear you gasp at the sight of this hideous kitchen?  I know, it's pretty bad; it's small, lacking countertop and cabinet space, and has unflattering flooring.   But good news, kitchen demolition day finally arrived {Wed Jan 8, 2014}.  I've been looking forward to getting rid of the ugly goldish-brown floors, tiled walls, and tiny cabinets for so long!  It was definitely a challenge for Mike and I to cook in this kitchen.  If it wasn't for large cutting boards, used over the sink and stovetop to amp up our work space, I don't think we could have done it.  I have gotten some comments regarding my blog pictures saying that they are so close up, well now you know why; I was trying to hide this kitchen from you!

Our plans for this space include resurrecting the hardwood floors which are lying beneath this ugly linoleum and removing the tiles on the wall.  We also plan to move the sink under the window (a 90 degree turn to the left),  place our new gas stove where the sink is currently pictured, and extending the cabinets.  Unfortunately, we couldn't change the footprint of the room because the cost would price us out of the neighborhood and we are really wanting to sell this place in the next few years.   


Demo day was postponed until Wednesday because of the 12 inches of snow that fell on St. Louis and the subzero temps.  Joe from JW Construction is doing a fabulous job so far.  He is prompt, detail oriented, and maintains a clean as possible work environment by constantly cleaning the space as he works.  He graciously trudged through the snow to dump the kitchen debris onto his flatbed truck due to my car wouldn't start and was blocking the way {took 3 days before a tow truck could get me out}. 

I'm sure most remodeling projects have snags and setbacks.  So, one day into renovation, I found out that the plumber won't be able to start Friday 1/10/14, because he is backed up from too many emergency calls....frozen pipes.  That puts a delay in getting the drywall hung.  The cabinets we ordered will be arriving late; the shipping plant shut down due to inclimate weather.  And there was only subflooring under the previous cabinets, so the flooring company will have to come out and patch it.    

Oh well, there is no turning back now.  Here's to making good food in my new kitchen {someday} and gladness!