Kitchen Renovation- day 7

It's been one full week without a kitchen.  Progress made this week includes the soffit was removed {making room for 42 inch wall cabinets!}, expanding into the linen closet {gaining 12 inches of kitchen cabinet space} and framing it out, cabinets arriving {boxes stacked to the ceiling in the dining room}, electric boxes placed and awaiting new wiring.  The plumbers arrived on 1/15/14; they replaced the main stack and routed lines to accommodate the new placement of the sink.  They plan on running the water lines to the sink and refrigerator tomorrow.   Oh, I almost forgot, the gold linoleum floor is gone!  Believe it or not, there is red oak hardwood underneath that black glue.  The hardwood restorer told me he would be able to get the gunk off and the floors will look fabulous when they are done.   

So, the plan for the end of this week is patching the hardwood since none existed under the previous cabinets, finish the electrical work, and begin drywalling.  Keep your fingers crossed, and more importantly say some prayers that everything goes smoothly and safely.

Even though we don't have a functioning kitchen, Mike and I still are able to get food into our bellies every day.  There are many families in the St. Louis metro area that aren't that fortunate.   There is a way for you to help, and have fun at the same time.  Operation Food Search (OFS), a local food bank, is having a trivia night on Friday Feb 28th.  Space is limited to only 12 tables, so be sure and reserve a table {6-10 people} now!  From what I heard, last year's trivia night was a blast with tons of food and drinks provided.  This a great cause and I know first hand through volunteer work that this is a great organization.  The need for food provided by the Operation Food Search is vast, so please consider supporting OFS.  

Hope to see you there!  

Click on the flyer below and you'll be taken to the registration link.