Kitchen Renovation-Day 15

Today is day 15 into the kitchen renovation.   It's beginning to look like a room again; we have walls!  The quick overview of progress since last week includes the following installations: plumbing (new stack and rerouted lines), new electric, and gas line for our new stove.  Of course, these didn't come without some headaches.  During the demo, we discovered that our exterior walls only had 2" x 2" framing with no insulation.  I guess 50+ years ago they thought masonry walls were enough protection from the subzero temps in St. Louis.  So, unfortunately the big, pillowy, rolls of R-13 insulation won't fit into our walls.  Joe Weber from JW Construction contacted his source at Aladdin Insulation Inc, who suggested using a R-3 foam board.  It will block a little more of the cold, I guess it's better than what we had before.  Another problem the 2" x 2" framing posed is that the new plumbing lines wouldn't fit into the space.  Poor Joe, he had to chisel out the masonry so the plumbing drain lines could fit into the space.  BTW, he did an excellent job on that task, and everything else he did in our kitchen.  If you are looking for a meticulous, hard-worker let me know and I'll give you Joe's number.  

The electrical work was a little more complex than what I had anticipated.  I thought my brother, an electrician, would be able to pull out the old cloth wire and replace it with new.  Turns out that some wires were on a circuit with electric in another room which we weren't planning on replacing.  But after much patience, my brother was able to cap off the old wires and put in additional circuits on the breaker, add new wire and grounded outlets (GFI) throughout the kitchen.  

The wood floor was patched and they are scheduled to be refinished on Monday Jan 27th.  I chose the color Jacobean from DuraSeal.  You can find many pictures of this on Pinterest, I pinned a few on my board "Home Sweet Home".  It's a beautiful deep, dark brown.  It was hard to find a true neutral brown i.e. without hints of red or gold.  Did I mention that we are having the floors in our whole house refinished?  So, this weekend we plan to move all our furniture  to the POD on our driveway and then rip out the carpet.   Sounds like fun, right?  

Joe is putting the finishing touches on the primer today.  Next, I need to decide on a paint color.  I've narrowed it down to three.  The 2014 trends are leaning towards gray wall colors.  Looking at Pinterest pics, I really liked the Benjamin Moore paint color Revere Pewter (HC-172), but I'm afraid in such a small space it will really close the room down.  I did buy a sample size of Edgecomb Gray (HC-173), also a Benjamin Moore product.  This color falls into the new category of "greige"; a blend of gray and beige.  My second paint choice  color is Silver Gray (Ben Moore 2131-60).  This is a cool, bluish-gray color.  My only reservation with this color is that it is very similar to my current dining room and living room color of Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware.  The final paint choice is a color called Roasted Garlic from Lowe's.  Again, it has gray undertones with hints greenish-yellow.  Since our cabinets are white, granite is black and wood floor dark brown most any color will be complementary.  If you have a paint suggestion, please let me know.  Keep in mind I'll have pops of yellow and blue to remind me of Sorrento lemons and the Tyrrhenian Sea.    

Until next's to God's goodness and gladness!