KItchen Renovation-Day 37

Who knew that one month and one week, a mere 37 days, would feel like eternity!  But, finally, our appliances are hooked up!  So, the first thing I made on our new gas range was.... grilled cheese!?!  Why something so plain Jane?  Well, the hindrance of finding the skillet and utensils which were packed away {it took me a lengthy 5, maybe 10 minutes to track them down}, and because we still do not have countertops or a sink dampened my cooking enthusiasm.  Actually, this grilled cheese was pretty tasty.  This sandwich consisted of buttered whole grain bread, my last two slices of Colby-Jack cheese, a few pinches of dried Rosemary, and a spoonful of bacon jam.  I'm looking forward to next Friday, if all still goes as planned, for the installation of the granite countertops and sink.  Then after unpacking the kitchen there will be no stopping the cook!

Last week, Mike and I were graciously invited to dinner at a friend's home.  Mike and I always enjoy our time with Dick and Caroline; we enjoy lively conversations, their home is aesthetically beautiful, but more importantly it is filled with a sense of peace and love.  Our host Dick made from scratch Lasagna which was Molto Bene!  And Caroline, made delicious homemade bread.  I was enticed, and perhaps given a little challenge, to make fresh bread.  I reserved the book she suggested, The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  So, I have a feeling I'll be baking bread sometime soon.  I recently reserved another book which details recipes found in Leonardo Da Vinci's journals.  That really intrigues me because I'll be able to get a glimpse of food in 14th Century Florence, Italy!  


Don't forget to check out new posts under the "Gladness" section too.  Here's praying for warmer weather and a finished kitchen!