Fruit trees

Last Sunday Mike and I went apple picking with his family to celebrate our niece's 2nd birthday.  In the midst of rows of apple trees, I couldn't help but think about the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit.  

Another reminder of this was brought to my attention while reading God's Word for Today this morning.  It spoke of how trees appear in the Bible from the beginning of time all the way to the end; for example the Garden of Eden (fall of man) and Jesus on the cross (humanity's redemption).  Those examples are probably familiar to most, but this next one is often overlooked, fruit trees in heaven.  

The books of Ezekiel (47:12) and Revelation (22:2) both have corresponding descriptions of how in heaven fruit trees will line the great river that flows from God's throne, "bearing 12 crops of fruit; yielding fruit every month.  Their fruit will serve for food and the leaves are for healing of the nations."  In St. Louis, I'm used to seeing leaves change color in the Fall, and then trees going bear in the Winter so, it's hard to imagine that the trees in heaven will never lose their leaves and the trees will never stop their harvest.  But, isn't it wonderful know that God has a plan in which He will always provide for us.

Take a walk outside and notice the trees. Soak in the beauty of God's creations, but more importantly, let it point towards the future we have prepared for us by God through Jesus for all eternity.